Can Assisted Reproduction Cause Leukemia?

A recent medical study from Norway has just linked increased risks in Leukemia and Lymphoma in children conceived through ART – Assisted Reproductive Technology. ART includes fertility medication, artificial insemination and in-vitro fertilization.

The study gathered data from the Medical Birth Registry of Norway, which contains records of all the children born in Norway. The study found increased risk of blood cancer, leukemia and lymphoma, in children that were conceived through ART. Other cancer types did not have a significant increase in likelihood.

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Obviously, correlation does not imply causation (thank you Stats 101), but the numbers are compelling, showing a strong correlation. So if you or someone you know was conceived through ART, be aware of early Leukemia signs (everyone should be!), especially in children. Some symptoms include: fever, chills, weight loss, fatigue, easy bruising/bleeding, swollen lymph nodes and small red dots under the skin.

The symptoms generally start slowly, then increase in intensity. If you think you have the flu but just can’t shake it, don’t be afraid to act quickly and seek medical help.


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