Cancer taught me the true meaning of trusting others and letting them in. When I was diagnosed I told very few people, and even those I told I downplayed the severity of it. The support I received from loved ones after I went into remission and publicly opened up taught me the meaning of love. Cancer taught me that life can change in an instant and to not take a single moment for granted. Cancer taught me how to fight. How to wake up every morning through the pain and live your life anyways. It taught me that your soul and spirit are stronger then your body- that it can overcome even the worst physical pain. Cancer taught me how strong I am. I know now that I can face any obstacle life throws at me, whether it be big or small. And most importantly, cancer taught me that people and love and support and hope are all stronger than cancer, and to never ever give up on these things.


My name’s Alexa Lewis, I am 21 years old and coming up on my one-year mark of being in remission from Stage 2 Ovarian Cancer. I can’t thank you enough for the opportunity to tell others what I’ve learned from my experience

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