Cannabis Oil Saves Brain Cancer Patient

Can cannabis oil really stop a brain tumor from growing?

When doctors discovered Kieran McCrory’s brain tumor, he was given only 9 months to live. The tumor was growing fast, and the father-of-one from Belfast, Northern Ireland was left with few options. Desperate, Kieran started using cannabis oil a year ago to fight his brain cancer. This was a particularly risky move since cannabis oil is outlawed in the UK, even for medicinal purposes.

It’s now been 2 years since Kieran’s original diagnosis, and doctors have told him that his tumor has stopped growing completely. Kieran hopes he can use cannabis oil to shrink his tumor and eventually treat it with chemotherapy. He is open about using cannabis oil, and his doctors have encouraged him to continue using it if yields positive results.

How does Kieran feel about breaking the law to fight his cancer? In an emotional BBC interview he said,

“I just want to live. I’m not hurting anyone. I am not out there selling drugs and I don’t run a drugs factory. You can’t afford to put up restrictions when you’re fighting for your life… What would anybody else do if you were in my shoes?”

Cannabis oil is approved for medical use by some states in the US, but most cancer researchers agree that more testing is required before its effect on cancer cells can be fully understood.


What’s your opinion on cannabis oil? Should it be more widely adopted in the cancer community? Do you have experience using cannabis oil? Tell us about it on the Spero for Cancer App.

Shoutout to BBC for breaking this story, and for their unique take.

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