Living with Stage 4 Colon Cancer

Edward Poses with his Colostomy bag in the 2016 Colondar

Image Courtesy of the ColonClub

Edward Yakacki was only 29 when he started having “bathroom problems,” but it soon became apparent that it was more than just indigestion. After getting numerous tests, doctors found a 3 inch tumor in his colon. On December 8, 2008, Edward was diagnosed with stage 4 Colorectal cancer.

After a year long fight with cancer, he thought that the hardest part was through. However, healing from the ileostomy reversal surgery didn’t go as planned. Five months later, infection brought the colostomy bag back, and this time it was probably for good.

Edward’s life seemed to go downhill from there. “I felt like being cancer free and infection free should have been the happiest moment in my life,” shares Edward, “However, I couldn’t have felt more alone, depressed and confused.” He was left to deal with all the permanent physical and mental challenges he had gone through. After three years of struggle, Edward started to seek help from a therapist and from Colon Cancer Survivor groups. For him, the turning point was participating in his first Undy Run/Walk, in Philadelphia, put on by the Colon Cancer Alliance.

Since then, Edward has transformed from a victim to a warrior, and is actively involved in spreading Colorectal Awareness. He was selected to be one of 12 models for the the Colon Club’s “Colondar.” He still has struggles, but wants everyone to remember that “Every day may not be good, but there is something good in every day.”

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