One Step Forward, Two Steps Back


So a couple of months on from my last blog and I am continuing on my journey to beat Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia. Unfortunately, I’ve gone up a stage which is making treatment more difficult but it’s a slow process that will take perseverance, faith and a bit of luck so hopefully it will not be long until I get back on track and beat this thing.

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Next week I’m saying goodbye to my spleen, to be honest I never knew what it did anyway, so hopefully I won’t miss it too much but it’s another surgery that carries its’ own risks, so needless to say I’m scared. All I keep thinking is it’s just one step closer to remission so it’s got to be done.

I have amazing friends who send me messages about how strong I’m being but when I have bad days when I want to give up, I feel guilty because I still have a chance of beating this illness, a chance that some people unfortunately never have. It’s just as much of a struggle to stay positive as it is to deal with the side effects of treatment.

My two amazing best friends who have given the strength to keep fighting

My two amazing best friends who have given the strength to keep fighting

Trying to convince people that you’re the same person you were before the diagnosis is exhausting. I may have cancer but I still want to laugh, go out and continue with as much of my daily life as I can. It’s amazing how different you treat each day, when time is no longer taken for granted. I choose to appreciate the small things, be with friends who love me for who I am and do the things I’ve always put off doing.

I’m having fun trying home remedies at the moment, herbal teas, anything to help get off the massive amount of medication and to help with the pain. I went to my first “Cupping” appointment which is a therapy to help circulation and release tension and I have to say it did work but I wasn’t feeling the weird red circles it left for a while! Worth a go though.

My back after my first "cupping therapy"

My back after my first “cupping therapy”

So for now it’s still surgery and a new set of radiotherapy that is going to fill the next few months, sadly no amazing home cures. Hopefully I’ll keep smiling cause as they say laughter really is the best medicine.

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