Top 10 Quotes from Steve Byrnes: NASCAR Legend & Cancer Fighter

Beloved NASCAR broadcaster Steve Byrnes has already beaten Head and Neck cancer once, and is currently battling cancer a second time. By the way he is choosing to live his life, we’d say that he is definitely winning.

Here are Steve’s Top 10 Quotes from his recent interview with us that will make you want to live with the same enthusiasm that he does:

1. “Cancer is in me but it doesn’t own me.”

image (2)

 2. “Be present. Be grateful for this day and for what you have.”

The beautiful Byrnes Crew

3. “I just made a decision to kind of live my life out loud with this cancer thing and try to give other people hope.”


4. “I don’t feel angry… I’m not angry at the doctors, and I’m not angry at God. I’m grateful for the day I have in front of me.”

Steve with his 12-year-old son, Bryson

Steve with his 12-year-old son, Bryson

5. “Don’t let cancer rob you of your passions. Do the things that you love to do.”


6. “I’ll be damned if I let cancer make me miss watching [my son or nephews] play ball”

Sports have always brought the Byrnes family closer

7. “I’ve made a conscious decision to help others, because when I help others, that in turn helps myself.”

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8. “When somebody who’s been through your cancer type comes to see you or picks up the phone to call you, it gave you real hope.”


9. “Cancer doesn’t play favorites. It crosses all cultures, economics, and social groups.”


10. “I just want people to know that you can still live while fighting cancer and you should live!”


You’re a great man, Steve Byrnes. Thanks for teaching us all how to “live life out loud.” #SteveStrong

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